There's a perfect TV for everyone!
We know how complicated it all seems... but it's actually REALLY SIMPLE
The fact is this...
There are only NINE different TV models to choose from!

And they are designed to cater to ALL needs and budgets

From the top of the line TV to the entry level TV, there's literally no reason you can't have the TV that will make your football games, movie nights, or morning news programs absolutely awesome. 

On this page, we are going to start with the best of the best and work our way down to the most entry-level TV we sell. Everything is written in plain english, so by the end, you'll know more than almost anyone about the Samsung TV product line! 

(and about big screen TVs in general)

In fact, this is exactly what we provide our new salespeople so that they know exactly how to best help anyone who walks into the store. 

Let's dive in to our line of TVs, so you can learn exactly what's special about each one, without talking about a bunch of meaningless technical stuff... 

From the top of the line all the way down... Here we go!
Q900 Samsung TV
The QN900 Series
This is Samsung's best of the best!

What makes this unique is that it's 8k, meaning there are 33 MILLION pixels (little dots) that make up the picture. 

What does that mean? 

Simply put, the more dots, the crisper the picture. 

And this TV has at least 4 TIMES the dots of the next best TV. 

And that's what's super unique about this TV. 

So, if you're someone who always wants the best of the best, this TV is all you!

This TV also has ZERO BEZEL, meaning the picture goes all the way to the edge, the coolest looking TV Samsung has ever made.

It also employs Samsung's brand new Neo QLED technology for the best contrast (deepest blacks and whitest whites) in a super thin TV.

For those with a bright room, this TV also has an anti-glare screen to reduce annoying reflections and an ultra-wide viewing angle so you can see it no matter where you are in the room!

Simple, right?
QN800 Samsung TV
The QN800 Series
Stepping down to the QN800 Series, you get EVERYTHING you get with the QN900 Series, but with a very thin bezel around the screen. 

So, this is one step down from the best TV you can possibly get...

And what's cool about this TV and the QN900 above this is that they both have a box for all your inputs (all the wires)...

Why is that cool?

Because once your TV is hung on the wall (which we do for you, by the way), it's not easy to hook additional devices up to it without taking it off the wall.

But with a box for your inputs, your kid's friend could bring over his new XBOX, for instance, and you could easily hook it up for them!

Really convenient!!

So, if you don't want to spring for the QN900 above, and a very thin bezel is acceptable—PLUS you want that box for the inputs—the QN800 is PERFECT!!
The QN90 Series
Stepping down to the QN90 Series, you get EVERYTHING you get with the QN800 Series, but in 4K instead of 8K and without the separate box for inputs. 

So, if you want all of the best technology for picture quality that Samsung has to offer and you don't want to splurge for the 8K model price tags, this is the TV for you.

For most people, 8 million pixels (4K) will be more than enough. You may not even see a difference on the 8K models.

Want the best of the best in 4K at a MUCH lower price than the top of the line 8K models?  The QN90 series is PERFECT!
QN85 Samsung TV
The QN85 Series
Stepping down from the QN90 Series is the QN85 Series. Literally everything you get with the QN90 above but without the ultra-wide viewing angle and a LITTLE less brightness.

Another awesome thing about this TV (and the three above) is the type of screen...

Now, this is important, so we will make it super simple...

This TV (and the QN900, QN800, and QN90 above) all have a triple layer screen, which does three important things:

Number 1: Significant glare reduction

Look at the picture below... 

The QN85 with the triple layer screen is the TV on the right, and the TV on the left without the triple layer screen is the TV one step down from this one. 

Check out the difference:
So much less glare on this TV (the QN85), right?!

It's likely why our customers consider this the best value for any TV on the market. 

Amazing quality at an amazing price!

Number 2: A glossy screen means a better image

Remember back in the day when you got photos printed? You had two choices... Glossy or matte. 

Which was more expensive? 



Because the images were crisper, the colors pop, it sharpens up the edges, deepens the black levels...

In short, this TV's picture is beautiful, and this glossy finish is one of the reasons. One step down to the Q80, and you lose this glossy finish. 

Number 3: Amazing off-angle viewing

I know what you're thinking... You just told me that the QN85 doesn't have the ultra-wide viewing angle of the QN90 and above, and you're right, but the viewing angle on the QN85 is still incredible.

In other words, you can be sitting to the side of the tv and still see it clearly thanks to the triple layer screen. 

One step down to the lesser TVs and the off-angle viewing quality drops. 

Bottom line... This is an AMAZING TV, and it has nearly all the things that the three TVs above it have. 

For most people, this is the perfect TV for those reasons, and we sell the most of these as a result. 

But it doesn't mean that everything below this is not worth buying, because you have to remember... This is Samsung we're talking about. 

They are in their own league in terms of quality and value. 

Samsung doesn't make a bad TV. Period. 

So, if you want an incredible viewing experience but you don't want to commit to one of the four Neo QLED TVs above, there are still some incredible options, so let's keep going!
Q80 Samsung TV
The Q80 Series
Moving right along, we're now at the Q80 Series...

The Q80 is the best standard QLED TV that Samsung makes.  It is a little thicker than the Neo QLED models above because it doesn't use the patented mini LEDs of the Neo models.  It's also slightly less bright and has slightly less contrast than the Neo models because not only are the LEDs larger but there are fewer of them.

What's awesome about this TV is that, like the amazing TVs above it, it also has full-array backlighting, which is super important. 

I know... this is starting to sound technical, so let's quickly make it super clear...

Full-array backlighting versus edge-lighting... What does that mean, and why should you care?

To understand it, imagine looking at a TV screen and on it is a dark night sky with a bright white moon in the center. 

With full-array backlighting, you'll see the moon, and you won't see any light bleed or glow around it. So it will look SUPER crisp. 

But with edge-lighting, you will see a glow around the moon, when you aren't supposed to, because the light from the moon bleeds into the black areas of the screen. 

If you're watching something like Game of Thrones, for instance, and it's a really dark scene, this TV will allow you to more clearly see everything as compared to the TV below it and any other TVs that are edge-lit, because the dark areas will remain dark, and the light areas won't bleed into them. 

Simple? Kind of... 

If it's still confusing, and you're old enough to remember Light Bright, think about it like this:

This TV, like Light Bright, is lit from the back. Each dot on the TV is individually lit, and when it's not lit, it's completely black. 

Edge lit, on the other hand, means that the edges of the TV are where the light originates, and the edges are always lit, so, long story short, it means less control and more bleeding. 

So imagine the dark night sky with the bright white moon again...

Because the edge lit screen has to shine light from the edges, the light passes behind the dark night sky to get to the image of the moon, and because of that, the dark night sky isn't as deep and dark as it is with a full array screen.  

Full array ROCKS, and this TV (the Q80) is full array, so it ROCKS as a result.  
Q70 Samsung TV
The Q70 Series
The Q70 Series is just like the Q80 series, but it uses edge lighting instead of back lighting.

What does that mean? Well, if you're asking then you probably glossed over the Q80 explanation :)  Just scroll up one for an explanation on the difference between a backlit TV and an edge lit TV.  

The bottom line is you sacrifice contrast (blacks are less black and whites are less white).

What you DON'T sacrifice with this model is response time.  There's nothing more annoying than watching sports, action movies, or playing a video game and you see that things start blurring when moving quickly.  You may have heard the term 120 Hz or 240 motion rate.  Well, this TV and all of the TVs above have that.

So if the price points for the above TVs are out of your wheelhouse, but you are into sports or gaming, this Q70 Series is the set for you. 
Q60 Samsung TV
The Q60 Series
The Q60 Series is a QLED, just like all the TVs above it!

What does that mean? 

Basically this TV, like the ones above, show over a BILLION shades of color. 


So if the price points for the above TVs are out of your wheelhouse, this Q60 Series option is on the table, and you'll absolutely LOVE it. 

Not only that, but this QLED TV and the ones above it are extremely bright, which is a big deal when you want something that looks unbelievable. 
AU8000 Samsung TV
The AU8000 Series
The AU8000 Series is a standard LED, which shows 16 MILLION shades of color. 

Still a lot, obviously, but the TVs above show 1 BILLION with a B, which is 64 times the range of color. 

Plus, the TVs above are significantly brighter. 

But don't write this TV off just yet!!!

This is an amazing TV for the money and has better color than the most entry level model below.

If you're interested in a big TV with great picture quality on a budget, this may be the model for you.
The TU7000 Series
This is our entry level TV, and we know what you're thinking...

"This TV can't be good..."

Well, you're wrong!!

Like we said earlier, Samsung does not make a bad TV


Full stop. 

If you have a TV right now, and it's a couple years old, chances are this TV is way better. 

And it's at a price that makes it possible for nearly anyone to get!!
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